a place where i can talk about the things i want, the things i see, the things i like, and the things i want. from sex, drugs, music, art, crafts, jokes, tattoos anything my lil heart desires. just another way for me to be me. just a lil bit of my everyday life!

coming to you from small town San Marcos Tx. im single 30 and trying to love the single life, with no kids and nothing to hold me back the skys the limit. i can do what i want when i want and have fun doing it.

dont be a puss and have balls to ask me anything you can come up with or just want to know ...



Goose was one of my first pets to photograph, he belongs to the Aldie Vet Clinic’s office assistant.  She adopted Goose when someone left him at the clinic because of his special needs.  She was able care for him and give him a new home.  When Goose arrived at my studio, his Momma let him down and he began sniffing around the space for about 10 minutes.  Once he had everything mapped out, we were ready to work.  It was really amazing to see him walk around the studio using his mental picture, and if you didn’t know any better, you would have no idea he couldn’t see!!!  In just 10 minutes, he had everything so perfectly figured out, that he could even walk up and jump up on the bed, knowing precisely where it was!!  He never bumped into anything and was very very very friendly.  He had a smile on his face the whole time, it was an amazing experience for me :)

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It’s just the best job. I swear, if I could do American Horror Story: Season 940, Vampires in Space, I would totally be there. - Sarah Paulson

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